Monday, December 5, 2011

Neisser & Harsch (1992)

Neisser and Harsch suggest that FB memories are actually the result of rehearsal- dramatic events are likely to be the ones we think of over and over again.

Procedure: They asked subjects one day after the challenger explosion in 1986 and again 3 years later, about the situation that they were in when they first heard the news..

Findings: Subjects reported highly vivid memories but they were often simply wrong, or didn't make any sense..such as being at an event when they heard, when such event was not taking place at that time.

Conclusion: Possibility exists, that this loss of accuracy over time reflects the flexibility and reconstructive power of the mental system instead of questioning the original vividness of FB memory.

Limitation: Loss of accuracy over memories because the memory itself has been gone over too many times causing the memory to have a great possibility of being altered.

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